Erasmus Partner School

logoOn March 2 and 3, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Pock visited our partner school in Varazdin. The "6th school in Varazdin" (there are a total of 7 elementary schools and the 6th is the largest) it is a local school for 6 to 15-year-olds. We were invited to their annual "Healthy Food Week".

In addition to many smaller activities, the great "Cooking Competition", where students, guests and teachers participate, is the highlight. Together we had to prepare a lunch with set ingredients, but no recipe. Under the strict eyes of the jury (pupils) we were evaluated. Let's just say: we were not winners!

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In the afternoon a visit to Krapina, the Neandertal Museum, was on the agenda. A reception with the town mayor, a tour of the Varazdin castle and a cozy gathering at a barbecue rounded off the program. A group from Varzdin is invited to our charity event on June 30th. We are very pleased to welcome our guests to Graz.