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We are a primary school with 12 classes. At each level there are 3 parallel classes. Our school is run at two locations, which are supervised in teams with a primary school teacher and a special education teacher. Each year we have four integration classes with two teachers. Another main focus is the teaching of English throughout the school. In each class there is a native speaking English teacher for 6 to 7 hours a week. They work together with the class teachers, in small groups and whole class lessons. Up to 30 different first languages are spoken at our school. So the use of teachers for children with German as a second language takes into consideration these needs. Either in integrated or focused groups these children get additional assistance during school hours.

We offer units in sports and exercise, allowing the children to try out many different sports. In cooperation with the movement of Styria and the ATG we can have regular swimming lessons. There are also various ball games, dancing, yoga and many more opportunities offered from first grade up.

Our mission statement is based on the needs of the children entrusted to us. Next to the acquisition of educational content that promotes literacy learning is it very important to us, that our students develop openness, tolerance and mutual appreciation. Our students will become part of a strong community in an environment that is characterized by the uniqueness of each child. Teaching values that our children will take with them throughout their lives.

In order to meet the great demand for our school program, the city of Graz has decided to start an extention of our school classes in the building Brockmanngasse 119 from the school year 2018/19. Here in the Brockmanngasse building four classes will be taught, in the building in the Münzgrabenstraße eight classes. The new location provides an impressive modern, spacious setting.