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Introducing ourselves

BIPS-Krones (Bilingual Primary School) is a primary school with emphasis on languages and inclusion. English is used as the medium of instruction, alongside lessons held in German. All of our English teachers are native speakers. In each year, one class is an inclusive class. These classes are led by both primary school teachers and qualified special needs teachers.


English as working language

BIPS-Krones (Bilingual International Primary School) is a primary school with an emphasis on languages and inclusion.  The main teaching language in the school is German, however, each class has a designated native English teacher. In addition to one hour of general English language learning, which includes grammar, the children are taught general studies, such as geography, history and science, in both German and English.  Learning also continues outside the classroom, as our English teachers accompany their class on field trips and speak to the children in English. Each year group has one integration class, which is led by the primary school teachers and qualified special needs teachers. To give students, who have to attend the intense German class, the opportunity to train their English, there are also extra-curricular English activities on the afternoon.

During the school year 2021/22 we offer: Computer Club, Art Club and Creative Writing.


Our Philosophy

Our school profíle is orientated on our diversity of our students and an our community, which grows on that.

ME - Esteem

ME - Esteem

Openness Happiness
Personal development

… when I just want to talk with my friends;

… when my friends want to play football with me;

… when I manage to score in basketball;

… when I do especially well with a story;

… when I happily share my snack with a friend:

… when I can only finish a craft project with help from a friend;

… when I entrust a secret to a friend;

… when I understand my friend when he/she doesn't know what else to do;

… when I have a particularly open ear for a friend

YOU - Appreciation

YOU - Appreciation

Care Flexibility

US - Community

US - Community


… when the whole class enjoys a school trip;

… when the World Cup is getting close and we all swap football stickers in the break;

… when we stick together and simply have fun;

… when we sit together nicely and enjoy a tasty lunch;

… when we forgive each other after an argument and make friends again