Summer party 2018

Thanks to all the helpers who contributed to the success of the summer party! Despite all efforts,…

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Invitation to the summer party

Come and bring friends and family! Look forward to cool games food and drinks and the BIPS Cup!

Date: SAT. JUNE 16th, 11am - 4pm

Location: ATG SPORTS…

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Attitudes Towards Inclusive Schooling – Students, TEachers and Parents

In the school year 2016/17, Prof. Susanne Schwab from the University of Graz together with her team surveyed 37 schools (48 classes of the fourth grade)…

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Erasmus Partner School

logoOn March 2 and 3, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Pock visited our partner school in Varazdin. The "6th school in Varazdin"…

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We won the Teacher's Award!

Our school has won the Teacher's Award in the category "individuality". The whole team of the BIPS Krones was distinguished for their project-orientated working and promoting special needs of students.
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Our school profile

Our school profíle is orientated on our diversity of our students and an our community, which grows on that.

ME - Esteem

Personal development

  • … when I just want to talk with my friends;
  • … when my friends want to play football with me;
  • … when I manage to score in basketball;
  • … when I do especially well with a story;
  • … when I happily share my snack with a friend:
  • … when I can only finish a craft project with help from a friend;
  • … when I entrust a secret to a friend;
  • … when I understand my friend when he/she doesn't know what else to do;
  • … when I have a particularly open ear for a friend

YOU - Appreciation


US - Community


  • … when the whole class enjoys a school trip;
  • … when the World Cup is getting close and we all swap football stickers in the break;
  • … when we stick together and simply have fun;
  • … when we sit together nicely and enjoy a tasty lunch;
  • … when we forgive eachother after an argument and make friends again