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After School Programm


Dear Parents!

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Here you find information about the after school programme and the pedagogical concept (in German).



 Here you can find the menues for the upcoming weeks:

week of the 7th of october (download)

week of the 14th of october (download)

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Current activities: 


We are glad to inform you, that following different courses will start in the week of 14th  October. Each of the offered courses will take place from 3 to 4 pm and will be held by the Afterschool-Club. We are still waiting for information about our sportive activities. As soon as we have further information, we will inform you, so you can register your children for these sportive offers.





school level



Once upon a time - Fairytales

David Öllinger

all classes



Songs workshop with Ukulele

Julia Rindler

all classes



Creative workshop

Sabina Hatzer

all classes


Once upon a time - Fairytales:
The offered course Once upon a time has the goal, to explore a different variety of myths and fairytales througout the school year, while also considering the thoughts and ideas oft he children about the stories. To reach a variety of approaches to the stories and fairytales, the children will challenge different tasks and exercises to boost their creativity.
Preferably there also should be stories from other cultures, which should be suggested by the participants. This offers the possibility to get another views and approaches and learn from each other.

Creative workshop:
"Creativity is the ability to create something new, original, or useful."
Handicrafts, painting, shaping - great works of art will be created from the most different materials.Creative work and design not only promotes the children's fine motor skills, endurance and concentration, but also stimulates their imagination -so every child can develop his or her creativity. In addition, they learn to appreciate the value of different materials.

Songs workshop with Ukulele

Making   music   together   is   fun   and   connects   -   in   the   songs   workshop various German-language and English-language songs are developed and played together. As a musical accompaniment serves the ukulele, which spreads   good   mood   with   their   cheerful   sounds   and   supports   a   positive coexistence. In addition to the singing, the sense of rhythm, the dance aswell  as  the body  perception  of the  children  is  individually  supported   by body percussion and thus the social structure of the group is strengthened. We are looking forward to playing music together!

Please note the maximum of participants for the above mentioned courses is 15. At least we need 10 enrollments to get the courses started. You can registrate for more than one course. But please note that that there is a ranking system for the courses. Please fill in the form, which course is your first, second and third choice. We will take into consideration all your wishes after the end of the registration period.


Courses start at Monday, 14th of October 2019.


Please consider that registration is compulsory. Please register by Thursday, October 10th 2019. Please note, that registrations beyond the mentioned deadline are not possible. 





Upcoming excursions:




Important information:




Our team


 David Öllinger  Ingo Blendinger  Magdalena Hollinger Sabina Hatzer Julia Rindler



Further information...





11:40/12:35: Beginning of after school programme
11:40/12:35 - 14:00 Lunch (Küche Graz) and freetime acitvities in the playground
14:10 - 15:00 Homework and extra tuition lessons 
15.00 - 17.00:  Freetime activities
16.00: Snack provided by organic farmer
17.00/18:00: End of the after school programme


Freetime activities




Trips to the KinderUniGraz (children's university), ice-skating in Liebenau and on Karmliterplatz, taking advantage of the various offers at Literaturhaus, KF-Uni and Sorger bakery.

Registration and cost


We are more than happy to hear from you and are always available, either via telephone or via the contact form. Thank you for your interest!

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