Frequently Asked Questions:


Admission for 1st year classes occurs in January. For other years, admission is possible at any time providing there is space. There are no admission tests.

Exceptional pupils
Children who do not have German as their mother tongue can be granted exceptional status at our school for up to 24 months.

Disability transport
The ‘Behindertenreferat’ will provide transport for disabled children on application. Contact: Tel: +43 316 872 6443 Email:

Visiting the school
In autumn we have an open day during which everyone is welcome to look around our school.

German as a second language
27 mother tongues are spoken at our school. Extra language classes are offered to support children with German as their second language.

Information concerning the exact time for enrollment is provided by the ABI (Abteilung für Bildung und Integration / Department for Education and Inclusion). Each child will receive a personal letter.

In addition to our after-school-care programme, which extends from the end of the school day until 5pm, a similar programme is offered by the Hort in Kronesgasse. Contact: Tel: +43 316 872 2719 Email:

We have one inclusion class for each school year.


You can contact us via our website. Under INFO is a contact form with which you can send a message. Or click in the main nav on Contact.

The after-school-care programme provides lunch for the children.


Enrollment in the after-school-care programme is possible from the end of April either through the ABI (Abteilung für Bildung und Integration / Department for Education and Inclusion) or through the school. Contact: Tel: +43 316 872 7450 Email:

School fees

VS BIPS-Krones is a state school. There are no school fees.

Lessons begin at 7.45am and end between 11.40am and 1.30pm.


Our school is easily accessible via the Graz public transport network.


Our school

BIPS-Krones (Bilingual Primary School) is a primary school with emphasis on languages and inclusion. English is used as the medium of instruction, alongside lessons held in German.  All of our English teachers are native speakers. In each year, one class is an inclusive class. These classes are led by both primary school teachers and qualified special needs teachers.

How to enroll

Every family with a child ready to begin school receives a letter from the education office containing information on enrollment. In order for you to gain an impression of our school, we have an anual open day before Christmas. Please also feel free to contact us via the contact form.


Where is our school (Münzgrabenstraße)?

BIPS-Krones is in the middle of Graz (Münzgrabenstraße 18) and pupils can easily reach us via public transport as well as on foot.

Public transport: Trams numbers 3 and 6 to the tramstop "Dietrichsteinplatz"


Where is our School (Brockmanngasse)?